Trends in HR that you cannot miss in 2020

14/01/20 01:26 PM By Donna

Every year the top HR professionals around the world predict a list of trends that will influence work. This year too we have compiled a list of 7 HR trends that you must be aware of to manage your workforce efficiently.


These trends are based on various factors that influence the business, such as global economy, employee surveys, etc., The HR domain has been following economic and workplaces patterns around the world to devise better people management strategies. Here are the 7 HR trends that will be in the spotlight this year:

  • Leveraging technology to automate processes
  • Personalizing performance management
  • Better employee engagement
  • Re-skill the HR and new on-the-job learning methodologies
  • Furnishing a transparent working environment and
  • Diversification of the workforce.

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Source: Zoho