What's Brewing for Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve this Q3 2022?

19/08/22 05:10 PM By Shayne

The Product Marketing Team of SugarCRM is excited to announce the updates for the third quarter of the year. SugarCRM have created improvements that will make the data gathering for all users even more convenient. For this quarter, the developers has touched on three aspects of the software: Report-viewing user experience, Forecasting, and Integrations.

Report-Viewing User Experience Improvement

Both Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve will have a new user experience in the Reports Viewer section for Q3 2022, 

The main changes users will see when viewing a report are as follows:

  • Updated User Interface: A new, modern look and feel, giving more space to the important data on the screen allowing users to quickly and easily access what they need. 
  • Filters have been moved to the right side of the screen for easy access to edit the report results. Filters are also displayed as a visual diagram instead of text to make understanding the applied filters more natural and intuitive.
  • Customizable View: Users now can change the size and positions of the chart, data table, or filter containers. Elements can also be minimized to hide from view when not in use.

Forecasting Updates

In Sugar Sell, the Forecast module has been updated to allow managers a better overall view of their team and the deals that fall within their organization. 

Because the developers have worked on the system’s Pipeline Review and Data Chart Visualization, either managers or sellers will see the most up-to-date version of their deals and be able to take advantage of improved filters on the Forecasting Worksheet.

Integration Enhancements

To improve inclusivity and avoid misalignment, SugarCRM has integrated Dropbox and Docusign into their system.

Dropbox cloud-drive integration: Sugar's cloud drive integration now supports Dropbox, allowing users to interact with Dropbox files via the Cloud Drive dashlet from any dashboard in Sugar.

DocuSign Status Notifications: Users can also now receive status notifications in the Notifications module whenever the status of their assigned DocuSign envelopes changes.

Head out to Sugar Club for a more in depth discussion of their updates. 

More enhancements are coming!

During SugarCRM’s recent release of updates, the team has hinted that exciting things for Sugar Serve are coming. There will be lots of metrics to get right out of the box. With everything that’s about to come, rest assured that we are going to be providing good services for all of you Serve users. 

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