Integrating Marketing Automation with CRM

13/11/18 12:35 PM By Nico - Comment(s)

In the business industry, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions have been around for many years, changing the operation of sales and customer service. Besides building and fostering customer relationships from leads to sales and throughout the sales lifecycle, CRM systems also help compan...

Changing the Gears of Business with Automation

06/11/18 11:22 AM By Nico - Comment(s)

Businesses are frequently looking to improve the efficiency of their daily business processes. They look for improvements in delivery speed, quality, and service while focusing on economic outcomes.


In these developing times, technology is evolving quickly, and as part of the society, the busin...

Four Things Your Competitors Can Teach You

02/10/18 10:17 AM By Nico - Comment(s)

As often as not, businesses spend too much time trying race against their competitors in establishing their branding and promotion strategies not realizing that there are a lot of things that you can learn from your competitors in terms of improving your own digital marketing.

Know who's doing things...

Strategies to Create a Fun yet Productive Work Culture

24/09/18 01:09 PM By Nico - Comment(s)

We all want to work somewhere fun. I know I do. But sadly, not many workers find themselves in a work environment that they think is fun. Nobody wants to work in a dull workplace where everyone is only at their desk for the entire day, without a chance of human interaction or any form of enjoyment.


Technology Can Make Your Business More "Human"

18/06/18 04:58 PM By Nico - Comment(s)

Yeah, we know it sounds like an ironic juxtaposition, and you're probably thinking that if anything, it's making our businesses more robotic. But that is only because of our second-hand idea that technology will take over the world and soon we will have police robots, housekeeper robots, and food se...

The Skills You Should Look for Before Hiring Customer Service Agents

05/06/18 09:23 AM By Leonyl - Comment(s)

It’s time for you to gather your dream team, and since you want your customers' experience to be nothing short of excellent, you want the best and the brightest for the job. To help you choose the Rockstar candidate that will take your business to the next level, it is crucial that you understand th...

5 Cost-Effective Ways Small Businesses Can Deal with Email Fraud

15/05/18 04:31 PM By Leonyl - Comment(s)

Like it or not, small businesses don’t slip under scammers’ radar. They’re perceived as easy targets that lack the IT security budget of a Fortune 500 company — overall unprepared to face today’s sophisticated email phishing, spoofing attacks, and credit card fraud.

But just because your organiz...

Best Practice For Lead Generation: Listen While You Lead

10/05/18 10:54 AM By Nico - Comment(s)

Lead Generation has become a new extensive form of performance art. Careful execution is necessary to get a person's contact information and an even more thorough process of converting them into prospects and getting their first closed-won sale.

Before the era of the internet, sales and marketing tea...

DEVTAC Lead Generation Experts

10/05/18 10:11 AM By Tin - Comment(s)

In 2014, lead generation was a massive and hot topic – the reason being that every lead campaign, conversion, and sale depends on generating a quality lead!

The whole process of Business Lead Generation ultimately comes down to generating leads that will become paying customers. Understanding ho...

How To Stay Focused During Work Hours

10/05/18 10:06 AM By Leonyl - Comment(s)

I'm guilty of turning up the volume of my music a little too high and loudly humming along to every song when I'm working on my tasks. Sometimes when I get carried away too much that I forget I have deadlines to meet, because I'm too caught up...

5 Tips On How To Generate Leads

10/05/18 09:47 AM By Nico - Comment(s)

Generating leads is one of the biggest keys to a successful business. It is finding the right target group to sell. A Sales Team cannot be successful without leads. And nowadays, many companies are struggling because most salespeople are now running out of leads to target.

A lead is eith...

We Aim To Outdo Our Performance - DEVTAC

10/05/18 08:28 AM By Leonyl - Comment(s)

Each team player of a company owns his or her performance by making conscious choices and maintaining a great attitude of constant curiosity for learning. However, sometimes we fall into the pitfall of complacency. We go through our everyday work lives like how a blind man navigates around his house...

Generate Leads Through Social Media

08/05/18 10:47 AM By Tin - Comment(s)

Leads are potential customers who have expressed their interest in your product and services and have provided you their contact information that you can use to make a follow-up interaction. These leads can go directly to the Sales team, or you may engage them in content-specific marketing programs.