Defining Your Target Customers Through a B2B Buyer Persona

23/07/19 10:14 AM By Tin - Comment(s)

Define your target customer and deliver the right marketing message at the right time to increase revenue.

In today’s world, digital technology rules. With every beep, tweet, and ding, infinite amounts of information are harassing consumers, giving them the power and accessibility to educate themselv...

SugarCRM Mobile 8.0 Is Live!

03/07/19 11:54 AM By Tin - Comment(s)

SugarCRM Mobile 8.0 is now available for download on iOS and Android devices.

This release introduces drill-through charts to SugarCRM Mobile, allowing users to tap on reports with charts in dashlets to open a list view of the chart data. This release also addresses issues identified in prior release...

Finding Value in Your CRM

17/06/19 03:55 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

Did you know there are more than 380 CRM platforms listed on G2? Let that sink in.

Three. Hundred. Eighty.

However, only 18% of these are rated with more than three out of five stars.  With so many CRM options on the market, it can be hard to determine which of these would deliver the highest val...

Mission: Possible – Simplify Paid Search Advertising with Salesfusion

10/06/19 02:19 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

Salesfusion by SugarCRM recently released Salesfusion for Google Ads, a feature that brings the combined power of AI and automation to create, launch, manage and optimize paid search campaigns. The feature, which is uniquely offered by Salesfusion in the marketing automation software market, is the ...

Happy Birthday SugarCRM!

04/06/19 02:40 PM By Tin - Comment(s)
I admit it. I have my head in the clouds often. I’m a dreamer and a builder. I like building, creating, shaping…new ideas, new software, new businesses. Earlier in my career, my focus was on building awesome software. Later that focus shifted to creating this company, SugarCRM. What I ended up learn...

Billy Joel…and CRM?

28/05/19 11:34 AM By Tin - Comment(s)

Mac or PC?

iOS or Android?

Proprietary cloud or AWS?

Choices abound with today’s technology, whether it’s the laptop on your desk or the phone in your pocket. So why should your CRM be any different? Recent events have shown us that when it comes to your data, you need to do everything possible to keep...

Big News! Salesfusion is Now Part of Sugar (Three Big Advantages for You)

21/05/19 11:11 AM By Tin - Comment(s)

Have you heard? The world is close to capturing 1.7 megabytes of data for each person on the planet every single second.

That’s not even the crazy part. 

For most companies today, very little of that data is being put to good use. Despite the tremendous amount of available customer intel, nearly ...

Increase Productivity with Actionable Insights in Hint 5.1

14/05/19 11:42 AM By Tin - Comment(s)

Our next version SugarCRM Hint 5.1 is now generally available! Hint provides a wide range of important, useful and actionable insights, uncovering key information at every stage of your sales, marketing, and customer service cycles. Version 5.1 focuses on increasing productivity and efficiency, to h...

11 Resources That Will Improve Your Sales Skills

07/05/19 11:48 AM By Tin - Comment(s)

Even though we live in a world that’s dominated by rapidly evolving technology, plenty of businesses are still very skeptical about every new advancement. For instance, old-school tactics are surprisingly common in sales. These “traditions” include paper contracts, siloed record-keeping, and in-pers...

CRM Blueprint Series: Sales Automation Webinar Recap

30/04/19 04:06 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

This week marked the latest installment of our CRM Blueprint Series of webinars aimed at helping businesses of all shapes and sizes build more modern, effective CRM initiatives. This edition focused on the core tenets of a modern sales automation solution.

In the webinar, we discussed how important i...

Five Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Renew Your Legacy CRM Vendor

22/04/19 06:57 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

What do a bedside shelfie, bit-coding robot, and a Gremlin chia pet have in common with your legacy CRM vendor? A lot! 

Don’t you love those vendors that push everything you think you might want, but offer little or nothing you actually need? Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a bedside shelfie t...

Say Hello to Sugar 9

16/04/19 04:35 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

Last week we hit a major milestone at SugarCRM with the release of Sugar 9. Sugar 9 encapsulates all of the awesome new features and additions to the product we’ve added over the past year.

Empowering our customers to accelerate sales from first call to go live is at the heart of our new Sugar 9 rele...

What You Can Achieve with a Manufacturing CRM

09/04/19 02:58 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

This means it’s no longer enough to simply produce great product. If you’re not at least thinking about opportunities around servitization, direct-to-consumer relationships, and other trends, you may be at risk of falling behind.

Staying competitive is no easy feat. The landscape is riddled with chal...

4 Ways CRM Will Improve Your Customer Experience

26/03/19 11:07 AM By Tin - Comment(s)

There are many trends on the horizon that may pique your interest as you develop your business strategy to stand out amongst your competitors. Technologies like artificial intelligence with natural language processing or machine learning, block-chain-based services, and the Internet of Things (IoT) ...

Is Net Promoter Score still a relevant success metric?

12/03/19 04:48 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

What is NPS?

Back in December 2003, business strategist Frederick Reichheld published an article in the Harvard Business Review entitled The One Number You Need to Grow. The article introduced the concept of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and gave way to how many companies, now including the likes of S...