Nations agree on rulebook for Paris climate treaty

18/12/18 10:29 AM By Nico - Comment(s)

But environmental groups say the rulebook lacked the bold ambition needed to protect states already dealing with the severe effects of climate change.

KATOWICE, Poland (UPDATED) – Nations on Sunday, December 16, struck a deal to breathe life into the landmark 2015 Paris climate treaty after marathon ...

Act now or risk disaster, nations told at UN climate summit

04/12/18 11:53 AM By Nico - Comment(s)

Scientists have warned that we need to cut fossil fuel emissions by half by 2030 to avert disaster

After the starkest warnings yet of the catastrophic threat posed by climate change, nations gathered in Poland on Sunday to chart a way for mankind to avert runaway global warming.

The COP24 climate summ...