IT skills gaps, cloud, automation, cybersecurity top tech trends for 2019

18/12/18 11:58 AM By Nico - Comment(s)

What are the major trends likely to impact IT professionals in 2019? Global Knowledge, a major tech training company, points to seven that will affect the industry next year.

Topping its predictions:

  IT skills gaps will continue to be a problem.

“The steep rise in recent years of IT skills gaps...

What Is Cloud Testing Anyway?

11/12/18 02:07 PM By Nico - Comment(s)

The industry is indeed talking more openly and volubly about cloud testing now. The cloud may always be virtual, but you can still test in it, of it and for it.

By now, most of us have gotten used to the idea of cloud computing. When a technology starts to feature in consumer advertisements without e...

Why You Need To Move Your Database To The Clouds

10/09/18 04:40 PM By Nico - Comment(s)

The term "cloud computing" is slowly becoming more mainstream although not a lot of people has truly grasped what it is.  Cloud computing, simply defined, is storing and accessing your data through the internet instead of using your computer's hard drive or server. A few years ago, we...