Have Specific Form Needs? Use Dynamic Forms to Create It.

13/08/19 05:49 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

Many businesses have different form requirements based on the customer's needs. Buying life insurance? That's a different form than car insurance.

The trouble comes when you try to use the traditional, all-field form of a contact. Every field for every purpose is on the customer record in SuiteCRM. T...

Take Good Care of Personal Data by Anonymizing It

03/07/19 10:08 AM By Tin - Comment(s)
With GDPR and the potential penalties that come from being out of compliance, it is more important than ever to take good care of the personal data in your CRM. Data Anonymizer helps by scrambling the personal identifying data while maintain record integrity within the system. Absolutely a must for ...

Lock Down Logins to Specific IP Addresses

25/06/19 02:47 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

Need to restrict logins for certain users or groups of users to just specific IP addresses? Then check out IP Preventive:

Highlevel Overview

Further secure SuiteCRM by locking out login attempts from unapproved IP addresses. Define specific IP addresses that users can connect from and manage on a per-...

An Android and iOS Support Portal App for Your Contacts

10/06/19 03:31 PM By Tin - Comment(s)
Available on both Google Play and the App Store, Practice Business Solutions' SuitePortalApp provides your contacts a mobile support portal app.

Highlevel Overview

SuitePortalApp provides your customers with an external SuiteCRM mobile support portal for Android and iOS. Customers can create and manag...

Auto Populate Fields Whenever a Relate Field Changes

19/03/19 03:40 PM By Tin - Comment(s)
The title says it all. Whenever a relate field gets set or changed, map fields from that record over to the current record. Read on to learn more.

High level Overview

Need to auto populate value based on the value of related field? For this requirement Auto Populate is the perfect solution. The advanc...

Why Your Sales Team Isn't Using Your CRM

25/02/19 02:40 PM By Tin - Comment(s)
Using a modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is a must for any business that wants to take customer satisfaction and revenue to the next level. A CRM can skyrocket sales and build solid long-term customer relationships.

Understanding and overcoming employee disapprobation is key to chan...

Challenges to Expect with Change

19/02/19 11:22 AM By Tin - Comment(s)

Most organisations at some point will overhaul or replace major systems or technologies. And when this happens, common challenges can arise with adoption across users who are not fully prepared for the change they’re going to experience. There are 3 common challenges that I’ve seen and experienced t...

Think You Know Everything About Ecommerce Growth? Think Again.

12/02/19 11:19 AM By Tin - Comment(s)

There are some absolutes when it comes to what drives growth in digital commerce. Or are there?

To be sure, quality traffic, effective merchandising strategies, compelling mobile experiences, and attractive products and promotions all play key roles. But a new guide, Ecommerce and the Quest for ...

Celebrating Chinese New Year at DEVTAC

12/02/19 10:41 AM By Christine - Comment(s)

For most Chinese people, the Spring Festival marks the beginning of the New Year and according to the Chinese horoscope, the Year of the Pig starts on the 5th of February 2019. Traditionally, the Chinese New Year is celebrated with fireworks and Dragon dance but for most Chinese-Filipino, and l...

A Blueprint for CRM Success: Additional Insights and Replay Available

04/02/19 02:27 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

Yesterday I hosted a webinar titled “A Blue Print for CRM Success,” where I outlined some of the key elements of planning and rolling out an effective CRM strategy. We discussed the importance of building a differentiated CRM initiative inside your organization; one that allows your company to stand...

4 CRM Trends for 2019 and beyond

04/02/19 11:36 AM By Tin - Comment(s)

The use of CRM is growing, and in a highly competitive market, it is crucial to be up-to-date with the trends. Top CRM vendors like Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP, have been making improvements in key CRM functionalities. Each have AI capabilities, and with the ability to improve conversion rates, boos...

No CRM? 3 Places Your Sales Team Feels the Pain

04/02/19 10:38 AM By Tin - Comment(s)

​If you're not using a CRM in 2019, it probably means that you've done okay without one.  You've probably built up your own tools, or you're really good with spreadsheets, or you've connected a few point solutions to meet your needs.

If you've been successful with your non-CRM sales process...

Road ahead 2019: 3 trends to watch for in customer service

04/02/19 10:12 AM By Tin - Comment(s)

Today’s consumer has plenty of options, and customer loyalty has become a rare commodity. 

Nearly 33% of American consumers say that a single instance of poor service is all they need to switch vendors. Yet the same consumers are willing to spend 17% more on companies that deliver excellent cust...

How to Influence Sales Cycle Length

28/01/19 07:17 PM By Nico - Comment(s)

In an earlier post on the topic of Sales Velocity, I covered an important and overarching success metric that focuses one thing: How much revenue can you expect to bring in each day? The Sales Velocity equation looks at four things: 1) number of opportunities in pipe, 2) average opportunity value, 3...

Integration—the bridge between your marketing automation tool and truly automated marketing

28/01/19 07:14 PM By Nico - Comment(s)

Marketing automation tools aid you by delivering smart content and earning valuable information in return. But can this information afford to stay buried in your tool? And is your content still smart if it does? No and no.

Your other apps need the information your marketing automation tool gathers, t...