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How to Use CRM as the Foundation for Customer-Centric Digital Experiences

07/01/20 04:21 PM By Donna - Comment(s)

Did you know that 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services? The good news is digital leaders are investing in better experiences. But where can those leaders find the data required to increase personalization and reduce friction across engage...

The Recruit Report 2019

07/01/20 04:14 PM By Donna - Comment(s)

Before 2019 draws to a close and we’re all back at the drawing boards to plan for 2020, we thought we’d share some of the updates, celebrations, and progress that we experienced together throughout this amazing year.

2019 couldn’t have ended better for us.

Right when we thought it was time to wrap up ...

Unlock the Value of AI with CRM

01/10/19 05:23 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a topic of fascination of science fiction fans for many years, and it’s been typified in classic entertainment such as Star Wars, Star Trek, and even the Jetsons. As AI advances and as we explore its practical applications, fear of an impending “Matrix-like” fut...

Meet MasterSolve: SugarConnection Sponsor & Elite Sugar Partner

24/09/19 09:02 AM By Tin - Comment(s)

As you may recall from our previous spotlight, Sugar Partners play an essential role in helping companies cultivate customers for life. As one of our users explained it:

“It’s not enough to just choose a good solution. You also need a long-term partner to guide you through deployment and configuratio...

Scott Stratten on the Customer Experience: No Sugar-Coating

10/09/19 05:40 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

If you want to go big, it’s time to think small. 

This was one of the biggest — and most important — takeaways during our recent chat with Scott Stratten. 

After all, Stratten explained, very few customer relationships are built on grand gestures. It’s almost always the small, day-to-day int...

Top Five Developer Features from the Sugar Summer 19 Release

04/09/19 06:30 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

It’s finally here! The Summer ’19 Sugar release has arrived, and we at W-Systems can’t wait to tell you all about it. This post will recap what we found to be the top five developer features now available to you.

1. SugarIdentity

SugarIdentity is a cloud-based identity management service intending to ...

Our customer console sports a brand new look!

04/09/19 04:41 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

Remote support serves its purpose only if it solves the end customer’s problems. Remote customers have a role to play in effective issue resolution, but that’s only possible if they work in harmony with the technician. For customers to feel secure and to see themselves in the driver’s seat during a ...

Manufacturing Business Face Sales Challenges Here's How to Solve Many of Them

27/08/19 05:58 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

If you’ve read our recent piece on emerging trends in manufacturing you’re familiar with learned how businesses are leveraging these trends to drive sales. This post looks at the sector through a different lens, discussing some of the key obstacles modern manufacturing businesses face on a daily bas...

Lessons From Two More Top Customer Service Companies

20/08/19 03:56 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

We’ve been asking this question a lot lately. Most recently, we took a look at concrete best practices from companies at the top of the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Of course, ACSI rankings aren’t the only benchmark out there. Plenty of others offer even more clues as to what the best custom...

How Customer Service Builds Your Brand

13/08/19 05:32 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

When you think of the Ritz-Carlton, what sentiments come to mind?

Happiness? Comfort? Unforgettable experiences?

According to a recent survey, the company’s hotels and resorts are revered for all these enviable qualities — and more. Among all luxury properties in North America, it ranks at the very to...

Welcome to the New SugarCRM!

06/08/19 03:50 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

Today we’ve made some announcements that will fundamentally change the way businesses utilize CRM. As you know, our recent acquisitions of Collabspot, Salesfusion and a business intelligence team have moved us firmly into the realm of customer experience (CX). Many of you are already seeing benefits...

CRM Intel for Oil Intel

30/07/19 02:00 PM By Tin - Comment(s)


Oil Intel Ltd. has been the authorized importer and distributor for Total Oil and Lubricants in New Zealand for over 15 years. Oil Intel currently employs 51 staff throughout New Zealand and offer specialist services coupled with exceptional quality products.

The company owns branches and war...

Defining Your Target Customers Through a B2B Buyer Persona

23/07/19 10:14 AM By Tin - Comment(s)

Define your target customer and deliver the right marketing message at the right time to increase revenue.

In today’s world, digital technology rules. With every beep, tweet, and ding, infinite amounts of information are harassing consumers, giving them the power and accessibility to educate themselv...

Finding Value in Your CRM

17/06/19 03:55 PM By Tin - Comment(s)

Did you know there are more than 380 CRM platforms listed on G2? Let that sink in.

Three. Hundred. Eighty.

However, only 18% of these are rated with more than three out of five stars.  With so many CRM options on the market, it can be hard to determine which of these would deliver the highest val...