PewDiePie printer hackers strike again

18/12/18 11:42 AM By Nico - Comment(s)

Hackers have taken control of printers around the world.

It is the latest in a series of such attacks, but this time they say they have the power to destroy the machines.

The stunt was first carried out last month, when one member claimed to have forced about 50,000 printers to create posters supporti...

Marriott hack hits 500 million Starwood guests

04/12/18 02:43 PM By Nico - Comment(s)

The records of 500 million customers of the hotel group Marriott International have been involved in a data breach.

The hotel chain said the guest reservation database of its Starwood division had been compromised by an unauthorised party.

It said an internal investigation found an attacker had been a...