CES 2019: Amazon and Google Assistant carve up tech expo

15/01/19 11:45 AM By Nico - Comment(s)

At CES, there's no shortage of gadgets to talk to. Smart TVs, cars, pianos - and even a toilet - these are just some examples of devices that come with voice-activated helpers.

No matter who makes the hardware, the virtual aide linked to or packaged inside is likely to be one of two: either Amazon's ...

CES 2019: Friendly robots, oddball cars and a lot of artificial intelligence

08/01/19 11:57 AM By Nico - Comment(s)

(CNN Business) — Robots that keep you company, faster internet on phones, voice controlled everything, and oddball vehicles to replace regular cars. They're just some of the technologies coming to CES 2019, the massive consumer electronics show that takes over Las Vegas for a week every January.— Ro...

The blind woman developing tech for the good of others

11/12/18 01:54 PM By Nico - Comment(s)

An accident in a swimming pool left Chieko Asakawa blind at the age of 14. For the past three decades she's worked to create technology - now with a big focus on artificial intelligence (AI) - to transform life for the visually impaired.

"When I started out there was no assistive technology,...

Bright spots in the VR market

04/12/18 02:28 PM By Nico - Comment(s)

Many believed (and still continue to believe) that VR would transform the way we connect, interact, and communicate in our personal and professional lives.

Virtual Reality is in a public relations slump. Two years ago the public’s expectations for virtual reality’s potential was at its peak. Many bel...

How to manage your Google My Business listing with Zoho Social: Learn from Sofia

27/11/18 09:43 AM By Nico - Comment(s)

Imagine an old telephone book—you know, the ones people used before everyone had the internet in their pockets. A Google My Business listing is something like that. It might be the first thing your audience stumbles upon when they run a search for your business online, or anything related to what yo...

Google rivals claim product search remains unfair

27/11/18 08:51 AM By Nico - Comment(s)

Google is not complying with European demands that it make the search for products fairer, rivals say.

In an open letter to the EU's competition commissioner, 14 European shopping comparison services said the measures put in place by the search giant to improve things, actually make matters worse.