Approach Your Career Journey with a Sense of Adventure

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Account executive (AE) Jack Badavas has been with Salesforce for eight years in a variety of sales roles and locations. He approaches every challenge and opportunity with a sense of adventure and grit (more on this grit later).

An East Coast native, Jack went into sales right out of college, nabbing ...

Salesforce’s Pathfinder Training Program Expands Globally

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At Salesforce, one of our core values is equality, and a natural extension of that is our commitment to workforce development. We want to empower a diverse and qualified workforce with the skills needed to ensure their future success, the success of our customers and partners, and to create a better...

Onboarding Hacks: How to Deeply Engage New Employees

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Engaged employees are at the heart of our success story at Salesforce — and like many other tech companies, our employee population is booming! We welcomed more than 8,500 new hires into the #SalesforceOhana last year.

But today's talent market is tough, as employee turnover is the highest it's been ...

How to Develop a Team of Successful Service Agents

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We’ve all had horrible customer service experiences. You know what we’re talking about — it’s that feeling when you hang up the phone and shake your head, wondering why companies just can’t get it right. And if the service is bad enough, you may instantly decide to never do business with them again.


Five Years in a Row: Best Places to Work

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For the fifth consecutive year, Salesforce has been named one of San Francisco's Best Places to Work in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times. Recognition like this makes me both grateful for our Salesforce family and humbled because of the incredible companies that we stand beside on the...

Service Transformation Must Come From the C-Suite

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Did you know many customer service departments are still in dinosaur mode? They face shifting demands from customers without the necessary tools, strategy, processes, and agents’ skills to meet them. When I speak at conferences, I often hear from customer service leaders about how difficult it is to...

Volunteering is the New Happy Hour

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Ever learned something new about a colleague during an office happy hour? Whether it’s learning that your coworker has a cool hobby outside of work or that your boss has some impressive dance moves, the number-one reason employees attend happy hour is to get to know their colleagues better.

But happy...

Our Favorite Moments from World Tour Amsterdam

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With 6,000 total registered attendees, World Tour Amsterdam 2019 was a full day of inspiration and innovation for our many Trailblazers in the Netherlands. From discussions with women entrepreneurs, more than 100 sessions to choose from, and giving back activities, this Salesforce event had a little...

Salesforce’s Mobile App Development Platform recognized in Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’

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Salesforce celebrates our selection as Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’ for Mobile App Development Platforms. Salesforce Lightning Platform Mobile empowers everyone to build smart mobile apps fast with low-code tools, access to customer data, and powerful features using simple clicks.


How to Modernize Media Sales and Turn the Page on Old Business Models

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Last year, it was hard to miss all the headlines about how the media landscape is changing: mergers and acquisitions, new subscription and revenue models, direct-to-consumer distribution — the list goes on. It’s clear that building recurring relationships with customers has never been more important...

In the Age of Customer 360, Data Stewardship Gives You an Edge

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Your org’s data quality relies on your data stewardship efforts. Managing duplicate records, fixing data errors, and entering missing data helps you improve the quality of data.

Data quality is more important than ever as Salesforce works toward providing a 360-degree view of your team’s customers by...

Advertising Measurement Best Practices for B2B

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Marketers don’t always know how to measure the effectiveness of digital ad campaigns. Often, they receive conflicting direction from their leadership — or from the industry — about gauging the success of marketing campaigns.

Some industries, like healthcare, and B2B, are transforming how they measure...

Why SMBs Are Looking to the Cloud to Scale Their Operations

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Business people like to talk about scalability. Business people in the tech sector really like to talk about scalability. But what does scalability actually look like for small businesses, in particular? And how can small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) effectively scale operations without the re...

Think You Know Everything About Ecommerce Growth? Think Again.

12/02/19 11:19 AM By Tin - Comment(s)

There are some absolutes when it comes to what drives growth in digital commerce. Or are there?

To be sure, quality traffic, effective merchandising strategies, compelling mobile experiences, and attractive products and promotions all play key roles. But a new guide, Ecommerce and the Quest for ...

No CRM? 3 Places Your Sales Team Feels the Pain

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​If you're not using a CRM in 2019, it probably means that you've done okay without one.  You've probably built up your own tools, or you're really good with spreadsheets, or you've connected a few point solutions to meet your needs.

If you've been successful with your non-CRM sales process...