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Less clicking & more selling

08/06/22 12:23 PM By Ana - Comment(s)
Less clicking & more selling

Create a clear picture of your customers by understanding their past, present, and future. Create extraordinary customer relationships with the market's most intelligent sales automation solution and: Even with limited or incomplete CRM data, deliver accurate, AI-powered predictions about your ...

AI Enabled CRM Software

08/06/22 11:51 AM By Ana - Comment(s)
AI Enabled CRM Software

Discover insights that are unique to your company, even if your CRM data is limited or incomplete. SugarPredict analyses factors that your data does not cover and makes predictions that allow businesses to make better decisions and focus on the most important sales activities. The ...

Compromise-Free On-Premises Sales Force Automation

08/06/22 11:04 AM By Ana - Comment(s)
Compromise-Free On-Premises Sales Force Automation

Sugar Enterprise is the leading on-premises sales force automation solution. Sugar Enterprise delivers the power and ease-of-use that Sugar is known for, but in an on-premises package that allows for greater customizability and control. Sales organizations understand the importance...

SMS Integration with SugarCRM

23/05/22 03:14 PM By Ana - Comment(s)
SMS Integration with SugarCRM

Because text messaging is still one of the most popular ways to connect, the SMS integration was created to facilitate SMS communication.

If a customer service agent needs to contact the client for a call back request, product promotion, or information distribution, the agent can send a text messa...

SugarCRM's Marketing Automation

23/05/22 11:35 AM By Ana - Comment(s)
SugarCRM's Marketing Automation

Sugar Market is an all-you-need marketing automation solution designed to work for you. With a curated toolkit that includes highly intuitive campaign builders, advanced automation, and superior reporting, we focus on what matters most to marketers: streamlining campaign creation, understanding enga...

Innovative, Flexible and Affordable  CRM Solution 

06/05/22 04:39 PM By Shayne - Comment(s)
Innovative, Flexible and Affordable  CRM Solution 

SugarCRM creates a complete picture of your customers' past, present, and future by painting a clear picture of them. With the most intelligent sales automation solution on the market, You can do a variety of things, such as, even with limited or incomplete CRM data, you can make accurate, AI-p...

How to SUPERCHANGE your business growth

28/04/22 09:31 AM By Shayne - Comment(s)
How to SUPERCHANGE your business growth

From planning to implementation to attracting market prospects, starting a business can be difficult. You may be considering new strategies or techniques to increase the effectiveness of your company. A company that will compete not only locally, but also globally in the business world, DEVTAC IS HE...

We are DEVTAC!

22/04/20 10:00 AM By Mark - Comment(s)

DEVTAC is one of the most promising solutions providers giving revolutionary business solutions to all kinds of business and industries. Have the significant number of Administrators, Platform Developers, and Platform App Builders for the world's biggest and successful CRM providers including Zoho a...

DEVTAC - Operations Update - Covid19 Issue

08/04/20 11:47 AM By Mark - Comment(s)

Good day!

We hope you are well and safe.

As we give importance to your presence personally or virtually, we would like to provide you with an update regarding the status of our Operations in the Philippines.

As we all know, last year until now has dominated by the 2019-nCOV (Corona Virus),...

A Guide to Mastering Paid Social Media Advertising

12/02/20 11:39 AM By Mark - Comment(s)

Social media. Those have become two of the most loaded words for modern marketers. It’s rise to the top happened at near warp speed and its importance is still growing, with no signs of slowing down.

Social Media Marketing is Trickier Than it Sounds

What makes social media so tricky is that it evolves...

The Bots Are Coming Were Here to Help!

03/02/20 11:01 AM By Mark - Comment(s)

Bots, or programs built to do automated tasks, encompass an enormous amount of online activity and by some estimates are responsible for more than half of total web traffic! There are many useful actions that bots take on our behalf, but they can also be used for malicious purposes such as impersona...

5 Ways to Improve Customer Retention with Marketing Automation Tools

20/01/20 03:55 PM By Mark - Comment(s)
5 Ways to Improve Customer Retention with Marketing Automation Tools

Did you know that it’s seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one?

How about that a 10% increase in customer retention yields a 30% rise in the value of your company?

Grow Your Business From Within By Improving Customer Retention

As the stat...

Lead Generation for Recruiters: Top Tips to Attract High Quality Candidates

14/01/20 01:33 PM By Donna - Comment(s)

As a recruiter, you wear a lot of hats. You attract and nurture candidate leads, “sell” to those leads the idea of working with you as well as taking different job opportunities, coordinate and manage interviews and the list goes on.

The bottom line is, it’s a lot to keep track of, and even the best...

#Throwback to Zoho Mail 2019

14/01/20 01:27 PM By Donna - Comment(s)

Ending on a happy note, we are ecstatic to tell you that Zoho was named the Enterprise Software Vendor of the Year 2019 by Constellation Research! Thank you all for being our biggest cheerleaders and our most valuable critics. We needed both to grow into what we are today as a product. We’re glad to...

Get your daily dose of Sugar

07/01/20 04:18 PM By Donna - Comment(s)

In an ideal world, all your company’s software solutions would be able to easily share information. If you needed an important detail about a customer’s purchasing history while working in your customer relationship management (CRM) platform, it would be simple to call it up from your enterprise res...