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How 8000 of us at Zoho across 12 offices - went remote in 3 days

03/04/20 03:34 PM By Mark - Comment(s)

"The time has come to adopt work - from - home as the default"

At the beginning of March, our CEO, Sridhar Vembu, made a company-wide announcement stating that it was time to embrace a “remote-work” culture. With the outbreak of COVID-19, and how uncertain the following days and weeks looke...

The Year that was for the Operating System for Business

07/01/20 04:12 PM By Donna - Comment(s)

For Zoho One, 2019 was the year of transformative change.


In mid-2017, we announced Zoho One as the industry’s first, truly disruptive suite of over 35 cloud applications to help businesses run every aspect of their operations. Over the past two years, we’ve added more applications—nothing new ...

Increase Business Productivity with Updated Integrations!

04/12/18 03:48 PM By Nico - Comment(s)
Increase Business Productivity with Updated Integrations!

Nowadays, with the user influx of software integrations, business operations are already moving fast paced on a smooth sailing sea, and when you combine it with a software solution such as the CRM system, your business is sure to tackle tasks efficiently and effectively.

For some companies, working a...