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On-Demand Remote Access Software

08/06/22 09:40 AM By Ana - Comment(s)
On-Demand Remote Access Software

Zoho Assist is cloud-based remote support and remote access software that allows you to provide remote support to customers via web-based, on-demand remote support sessions. Set up unattended remote access and effortlessly manage remote PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and servers. It only takes a few ...

Omnichannel Customer Service Software

06/06/22 04:20 PM By Ana - Comment(s)
Omnichannel Customer Service Software

A support desk platform that enables businesses to provide excellent customer service to their clients through apps that enable managers to identify critical issues in agent performance so that they can improve their service while also making sound business decisions. Customers can also benefit from...

Powerful Financial Platform for Growing Businesses

06/06/22 12:49 PM By Ana - Comment(s)
Powerful Financial Platform for Growing Businesses

Zoho Books is a convenient accounting solution for small businesses that helps them manage their finances and cash flow. From the Zoho Books platform, you can send professional invoices to customers and begin accepting online payments. This accounting system is simple and easy to use. Visual graphs ...

Redefining your Workplace

24/05/22 03:00 AM By Ana - Comment(s)
Redefining your Workplace

Work is changing, and so are workplaces. Workplace unifies and centralizes your team's workspace, streamlines team communication, and simplifies file storage. Learn more about the new cloud-based working model. Zoho Workplace is an interconnected application in a singl...

All in one access with Zoho One

17/05/22 04:42 PM By Shayne - Comment(s)
All in one access with Zoho One

Zoho is a comprehensive online application system that includes processing, presentations, spreadsheets, and planners, as well as integrations with tools like email, conferencing, and wikis. Zoho will assist you in reaching and engaging more prospects, as well as converting them into customers. and ...

Why is CRM essential to every business?

29/04/22 04:33 PM By Shayne - Comment(s)
Why is CRM essential to every business?

Let's get to know more about CRM


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the process by which a company or other organization manages its interactions with customers, usually through the analysis of massive quantities of data. CRM systems gather data ...

How to SUPERCHANGE your business growth

28/04/22 09:31 AM By Shayne - Comment(s)
How to SUPERCHANGE your business growth

From planning to implementation to attracting market prospects, starting a business can be difficult. You may be considering new strategies or techniques to increase the effectiveness of your company. A company that will compete not only locally, but also globally in the business world, DEVTAC IS HE...

Cloud Functions feature Only in Zoho Creator

16/03/22 03:20 PM By Shayne - Comment(s)
Cloud Functions feature Only in Zoho Creator

They are serverless functions that are only supported by Creator’s infrastructure, hence the name Cloud Functions. Cloud Functions in Zoho Creator support two languages: Java and Node.js. 

Ashwin Vishal R from the Zoho Creator Team made an announcement introducing the Cloud Function feature only...

We are DEVTAC!

22/04/20 10:00 AM By Mark - Comment(s)

DEVTAC is one of the most promising solutions providers giving revolutionary business solutions to all kinds of business and industries. Have the significant number of Administrators, Platform Developers, and Platform App Builders for the world's biggest and successful CRM providers including Zoho a...

DEVTAC - Operations Update - Covid19 Issue

08/04/20 11:47 AM By Mark - Comment(s)

Good day!

We hope you are well and safe.

As we give importance to your presence personally or virtually, we would like to provide you with an update regarding the status of our Operations in the Philippines.

As we all know, last year until now has dominated by the 2019-nCOV (Corona Virus),...

How 8000 of us at Zoho across 12 offices - went remote in 3 days

03/04/20 03:34 PM By Mark - Comment(s)

"The time has come to adopt work - from - home as the default"

At the beginning of March, our CEO, Sridhar Vembu, made a company-wide announcement stating that it was time to embrace a “remote-work” culture. With the outbreak of COVID-19, and how uncertain the following days and weeks looke...

Customer Spotlight: Grupo Bons boosts business efficiency with Zoho Analytics

12/02/20 10:36 AM By Mark - Comment(s)

Grupo Bons is a Mexican brand of hotels with three lines of business—hotels, restaurants, and event services—with 100+ people employed across multiple locations in Central Mexico. The company has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality business and has conducted many important social and busi...

The Expense Reporting Landscape in 2020

12/02/20 10:24 AM By Mark - Comment(s)

The new year and decade are upon us! 

Organizational expense reporting is a dynamic aspect of finance that is constantly evolving for the better. It is expected to reach $2.5 billion in 2020. But it is still one of the most deferred activities by employees and managers alike, especially in organ...

Zoho User Group Meetup in Manila stands cancelled!

12/02/20 10:09 AM By Mark - Comment(s)

Dear User,

We hope you are doing good today!

This is to inform you that the Zoho User Group Meetup in Manila scheduled on February 18, 2020 is cancelled. 

This is due to the uncertain situation prevailing across the region.

As much as we love to meet you, at the moment your safety is more important...